• Three Main "Methods" of "Making" Cards

    Assuming that you want your cards to be NOT jagged, aka perforated (or even just "cut with a blade that doesn't hit the paper all at once), here are your options:

    1) Write or draw on blank, erm, blanks! (So, art = you, card = other.)

    2) Have a printing company, like, print them! (The digital files you've sent them, I mean. So art = you, and cards = other)

    3) Somehow get your hands on a die-cutter that, well, cuts your paper into cards!

    I've used all three of these methods, of course. 

    (And after an unfortunate batch of those perforated inkjet business cards in, like, 1996, I'm the official spokesperson for Citizens AGAINST Cards With Jagged Edges, so there you go.)