Our Goals

1) REDUCING harmful and/or unhelpful stuff, such as

* Ethnocentrism,

* Ignorance,

* Communication apprehension, and

* Communication barriers;


2) SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT about marvelous-but-oft-maligned stuff:

* Education (doesn’t have to be boring)

* Knowledge (is worth getting—even if it won’t be on the test)

* Thinking for oneself (instead of parroting the same old stuff because everyone else is parroting it, and/or because it’s just-plain-easier than doing the work);


3) INCREASING other great stuff, by

* Facilitating COMMUNICATION,

* Developing LOGICAL SKILLS,

* Strengthening CRITICAL THINKING skills,

* Inspiring CREATIVITY, and

* Increasing UNDERSTANDING OF and communication WITH the “Other.”