Each of our lines has its own specific PURPOSE and METHOD of playing the game—and of achieving its stated purpose.

Nonetheless, most of our ALREADY-FUN products can be INTERCHANGED,* resulting in greater REPLAY VALUE, meaning you can PLAY MORE (because it’s a DIFFERENT GAME EVERY TIME), which means that you get GREATER BENEFIT and MORE FUN.


The main METHODS of game-play employed by our games include:






A majority of our games can be played in any setting, as they rely solely upon

1) the specific or random distribution of particular decks of cards (Sins & Grins, Plot-Thickeners, The (un)Usual Suspects, etc.), and

2) players’ responses to the card-dictated situation in writing, in word, or in improvisational drama.


Some games include special dice, spinners, or other pieces; a handful of games rely upon boards, props, and/or audio devices.


Most of our games are suitable for ALL AGES, and can accommodate any number of players (1-100 or more!) or any number of teams.

Check out each game’s specific page (in the above menu) to learn more about it.


* See GAME GUIDE for full instructions