Just in case you're new to Sally Bishai Games (which went from a small-scale creator of bespoke luxury titles to "whatever we are now" just this year), a MAJORITY of the titles we've released since 2002ish are educational, fun, and TOTALLY sneaky.

(No, I don't mean that I'm tricking you, but that I'm HELPING you to trick YOUR students and/or cronies. Into LEARNING. Hmph.)

All of our games work beautifully together, and every last title gets a 10 our of 10 on replay value.

Most of the games are beyond simple to set up and get going with, but provide enough fodder for literally HOURS of intelligent (and hopefully INFORMED!) discussion.

But you didn't hit this page to read all THAT, you wanted to know about the infamous ALL-NEW GAMING GUIDES for 2018!

Well, they're almost here, so brace yourselves!

Until then, however, be tickled by the abject simplicity of the games I've used for over 15 years TEACH communication to my students, and to TRICK MYSELF into being less shy or more perceptive or whatever.

Behold...some of my favourite highlights from previous SBGames Guides!

  • "Play the Hand You're Dealt"

    In this, the most-used format in my classroom, each player is dealt several prompts; s/he then acts out the characteristics in his or her hand. This works well in discussions, therapy sessions, role-plays, and (my favourite!) skits. The very FIRST product we released (over ten years ago, now!) was COMBOX. For the record, COM stands for both Communication AND Combination, coz you get almost-infinite combinations OF some of the best communication concepts I've ever heard of. (But I'm something of a communication geek, so be warned that anything past the COMBOX Starter Set (aka expansion packs) is for a an advanced student of communication (aka not a freshman who's not sure what s/he wants to do with her/his life. Though I'd argue that the uninitiated make PERFECT players of this game, coz you can sneak in all sorts of lessons. :D
  • Free Association (Sorta)

    In this one, the player is tasked with creating linkages between the cards s/he possesses and the communal cards below. (Kinda like Scrabble, but with words, instead.) Prime example: GACHABOX
  • What NOT To Do

    Ahh, my very favourite sort of classroom game; in THIS one, the student or group is dealt one or several cards mentioning FORBIDDEN behaviours. Then--you guessed it!--the group (or just student) gets to deliver a speech or act out a skit where they show us (very theatrically) what NOT to do. One of these that goes over splendidly every single time is the famed and fabled SPEECH SINS deck.
  • Collect Stuff

    Self-explanatory, I know. But WHAT do the unsuspecting and lovely students/players have to collect? How about "Elements of Collectivism" or "Speech Sins" ?? (This is better than any pop quiz, TRUST ME. :D