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  • Choosing a Card Size (and Stock) From a Pile of Words and Numbers

    Once upon a time, a certain someone spent months and months on a particular game that was close to her heart.

    BECAUSE it was so close to her heart, the plot, game-ploys, and game-play were fully-fleshed out, basically.

    The ONLY missing link--and the thing that made this particular game take months instead of days (or hours)--was that our friend had suddenly decided to change printers.

    (In actuality, she'd been forced to do so, but that's another tale for another day.)

    So she'd never felt their paper or even found a review of that company. BUT they offered some things that were unheard-of at the time, and at unheard-of prices. 

    And she couldn't stop dreaming. Or trying to imagine how the game-play might change with that fresh, new possiblity.

    And, for the record, she soon found out that all the hand-trimmed cardettes in the world felt NAUGHT like a "real" or at least "official" card.

    In the paper that the "real" and "official" game had on offer.

    The cutesy cards she'd chosen were hard to hold--both from their dimensions and their skin.

    Look, we all know it's me, and that I have a BIG problem with taking things WAY too far because it's WAY too hard to wait for a set of samples to show up. (To be fair, the company was apparently sold out of samples, and the wait time was FOUR WEEKS. To be even more fair, I was trying to clean up after someone else dropped the ball, and went from a deadline of two months to less than one (before that particular semester was to begin, and I think we all know that Sallys are BANNED from designing during the school year, because of the whole "momentum" thing.

    Which reminds me... my uploads are done, so off to work I go! (Artwork, that is!)

    Ciao for now,

    sally b