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  • Opportunity Costs!

    Spending 20 hours in order to save $20 doesn't usually rock the house--even if you're as broke as certain people are.

    (Just in case you missed the memo, certain people are ALWAYS broke because they're ALWAYS ignoring their own advice and spending every last penny on yet another prototype of yet another game. Sigh. But that's how *I* happen to learn--I have to see how it is before "what's wrong with it" will stick out like a hot pink zebra. But I don't consider it a loss, since I learn TONS from all my many mistakes--and because I end up modifying and re-inventing the games that didn't pass my barrage of tests. So nothing is actually wasted, in my case. But then, I come from an ethnicity where you never throw ANYTHING away, and you ALWAYS use what you have. Traditionally, anyway.)

    SO, look at the thing you have more of--not LOTS of, necessarily, but MORE of (at the time in question, anyway)--and go from there.

    Despite my constant brokeness, I would much rather spend an extra three dollars on detergent from the grocery store, since (SINCE!) I never go to whatever stores have less-expensive detergent. 

    Spending the time AND the fuel to go 20ish miles away isn't worth it to me--especially since I have a busted knee and have to stay off of it as much as I can. When I don't, I get to spend yet more $ on my medicated plasters, which are great (well, as great as can be expected for an injury such as mine). So I have yet more financial considerations to, like, consider.

    And in my estimation, that extra three dollaz saves me 20 or 30 or 50, even (if one may put a price on trouble and misery... woe is me! Hehe. That's a joke, btw. Heh.)

    So consider the cost--and the opportunity cost, as well.