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  • Refusing to Cut Your Losses!

    Have you ever looked at your "final" design, decided that the logo needed to move over *just* 1mm... and end up changing the entire design--for, like, 12 hours straight?!

    I sure have. 

    Have I *ever* gone with the new design?


    Alas, I usually go back to the EXACT same design--pre-1mm scootingness of logo.

    But you know, after that big ordeal, I often get to see the original design with "fresh eyes." (I hate that phrase, btw, but it gets this particular point across, tragic though it may be. (Where "it" = my non-thesaurausness.)

    Am I saying "sometimes you learn and grow more on the journey back to Square One than you otherwise could've" ?

    Well, I surely COULD say that, but in today's lesson, it's more about "sometimes, you've just gotta CUT YOUR LOSSES and move on!"

    Where "losses" = that aforementioned 12 hours.

    See, a more-realistic scenario in The Life of Sall is... that I'd go with the newer design JUST to justify all that otherwise-wasted time.

    Or, I'd literally change the ENTIRE GAME MECHANIC (or create an entirely new website or whatever) JUST to make use of something that I was too stubborn and unwise to, like, wisely but rationally cut.

    I don't like to let circumstances change my courses of action (in any situation, not just game design). 

    If it's my failure or poor decision, fine. But I *always* like to have at least three back-up plans.

    So if even THOSE are thwarted, Sally Sall is no happy camper.

    And it's easier, I think, to say "ok, well, let's move on and learn from this and just go with the safe option."

    But there's a point where refusing to give up is actually counterproductive to a very large degree.

    You might learn something, sure, but you also might end up with literally hundreds or thousands of dollars in repercussions, or worse.

    It all goes back to pride.

    I'd elabourate (lots) more, but I've already kept you here long enough for one day.

    (Maybe I should just scrap this entry and save it for a day when I have more time to elabourate lots more?)

    (But no, I've already put so much time into typing up this fracas! How can I let it go to waste?!?)

    (But what if this?)

    (And what if that?)

    See? I didn't want to cut my losses (in that theatrical example). BUT all that second-guessing ended up wasting even MORE time.

    There we are, then.

    *snip snip*