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  • Trying to Do it ALL Yourself. Don't. (In This Case, Anyway...)

    I may be a Polymath of Doom, BUT... 

    Some of my skills are more in my brain than they are in real life.

    (aka I might THINK I'm a great graphic designer, but my greatness at GD might only be in my own mind, a la` Hamlet.)

    Long story short, there ARE some sites like fiverr and others that allow you to come up with reasonably not-trashy artwork or editing or whatever for, like, five bucks. 

    And if you're as broke as some other people who shall remain nameless, then maybe you can get a free app to help you out, or even an unsuspecting chum who might be conned into trading a logo for, like, a sonnet. (Like they whip up a logo in five seconds and you write them a quick little sonnet or something, personalised to some fabulous occasion, like their roommate's bday, after the designer friend stole Roomie's entire stash of Tombstone pizzas.)

    Why go to that trouble? 

    Well, you COULD always publish something that makes you cringe, BUT if you're anything like me, you might actually be convinced that "this is a great opportunity to pick up a new skill!" (which it IS), but then end up taking an entire month and missing out on a contest or a deadline or some other such.

    So, if you're another Sally, then you're hereby ordered to either DELEGATE *or* go with PLAIN BACKGROUNDS in b/w, AND TIMES NEW ROMAN.