The Games

As our motto of “Elegant Edutainment for Everyone” suggests, every product released by Sally Bishai Games is meant to be flexible, simple, informative, entertaining, dynamic, and challenging enough for anyone and everyone to PLAY (and benefit from)…


FLEXIBLE, so that you can change it to fit your audience and their requirements.


SIMPLE, so that you don’t spend more time on the instructions than on the game.


INFORMATIVE, because the day you stop learning is the day you stop living.


ENTERTAINING, so that you can keep playing (and, by extension, learning).


DYNAMIC, because boredom’s no fun (and because we all bring something different to the table).



CHALLENGING, because, as you may have heard… boredom’s no fun, and not-learning leads to non-living, which is (likely) not much fun.



Now that you know more about the games, learn (yet) more about the games’ BENEFITS and GAME-PLAY.