Our Team

Sally Bishai Games is a company with a conscience--both in terms of the beautiful and awe-inspiring world God hath so kindly entrusted us with, and in terms of the talents and skills that society might not appreciate (and benefit from) because they come from certain populations (and individuals who have been passed over).

For example, our offices use solar lighting, we grow a good deal of our own food (herbs, vegetables, and fruits!), practice the whole "refuse, reuse, reduce, recycle" thing, and maintain several compost bins. (Chicken coop, here we come!)

And in terms of our team (part-timers, all... for now, anyway), all five of us (from web guru to typist to graphic designers, etc.) are highly-educated--but disabled or disadvantaged in some fashion (or have been discriminated against for one reason or another).

Staff bios coming soon!

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